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Presentation of results 2021- Analysis - Recommendations for action

            * Based on the accrued actual values of the accounting, work out the

               Incorporate planned values of the remaining month.

            * For this, the list of balances 2020, list of balances 2021 current and the respective        

               BWA required (Excel file to us).

            * Presentation of the current liquidity situation (comparison of current assets

               ./. current liabilities).

            * Recommendations for action based on the findings for the long-term stabilization

               of the company on the market. This is the

                                     - basis for the development of the 2022 earnings forecast.

                                     - Conducting talks with banks and guarantors

                                     - Implementation of measures for consolidation

               Assuming that the above-mentioned documents are transferred to us quickly,

               we will need one day for this.



        Module 1 - Future conception - Controlling




          * Consulting report (Word document)

          * Current liquidity situation 2021

          * Presentation of results (cumulative values) 2019

          * Presentation of results (cumulative values) 2020

          * Presentation of results (cumulative values) 2021

          * Earnings forecast 2022

          * Liquidity plan 2022

          * Determination of break-even point (comparison 2021/2022)

          * Determination of break-even point (comparison 2019/2022)

          * Presentation of debt service

          * Preparation of debt service statement

          * Target comparison monthly 2022

          * Target-actual comparison of accumulated cumulative values 2022

          * Listing of private withdrawals (only for partnerships)


Time for this 4 days and handing over of the individually compiled ELECTRONIC

CONTROLLER - on data carrier, encrypted.

The procedure is described in detail under "Explanations on this...".

The Excel elements are from the result preview up to the target/actual comparisons

so that the monthly budget controls result automatically.


Module 2 - Performance status

In the performance status, we show whether the gross profit from operations is sufficient to service the fixed cost block.


It includes:

    Listing of fixed costs and determination of necessary overhead (percentage).

    Detailed presentation of work in progress, semi-finished products.

    Determination of cost price per hour.

    Actual hourly billing rates obtained from work performance.

The current and timely performance status provides information on whether things are running "smoothly" or whether there is a need for action in the operating business, in the fixed costs, the variable costs or in both areas. What use is it to the company and to potential lenders and guarantors to know what the value of the "work in progress" was at the end of the previous year?



We never leave you "out in the cold".

Via Teamviewer (the world's most widely used software program for remote maintenance) we can offer you support at any time during the following business hours.

Mon-Fri: 9:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 18:00.

The prerequisite for this is that you download the Teamviewer program via the website


As soon as you have installed Teamviewer, we can make changes or adjustments directly on the ELECTRONIC CONTROLLER - assuming you have given your consent - simply, quickly and efficiently!


The price for this is 1.50 EURO per minute or part thereof. A specialist staff trained by us is available, regarding the business as well as the technical processes.